Election integrity has become a front-page issue in America primarily because of partisan division, but it is difficult to ignore the staying power and sheer volume of fraud allegations. Since the 2016 Presidential election, questions about the integrity of our current election processes have generated concern across the country. With the upcoming midterm elections, the media has been awash with conjecture and conspiracy theories suggesting that no matter what we do, power elites from one side or the other will steal this election and every election in the future from the American people. The arena of ideas is routinely abandoned in favor of accusations, and in the eyes of the world, America is no different than any other agitated realm calling itself a republic.

The time has come to remove politics from the courtroom and incendiary street rage and return it to the arena of ideas. No more accusations of electoral fraud. No more accusations of voter suppression. No more drawn-out ballot counts or recounts. The will of the people must be completely, accurately, and immediately reflected when the polls close. No more riots or protests over election results. No more property damage, no more carnage. Only transparent popular sovereignty and a completely peaceful transition of power. Redo Voting is the answer.

This is America. We can do this.

We must do this.


Date: 7/18/22

Ensuring That Only U.S. Citizens Vote in US Elections

The latest politically motivated lawsuit—filed against Arizona by the Biden Justice Department over the state’s new law attempting to verify the citizenship of registered voters—demonstrates the importance of a bill just introduced by Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., HR 8223, that would stop that lawsuit in its tracks.


Date: 6/27/22

‘Alarming’ rural Alaska ballot rejection rate sparks expectation of legal challenges

Several Alaska voting advocacy groups are considering what to do in response to an “alarming” number of ballots that were rejected for the special congressional primary election, which is turning to talk of filing legal challenges.


Date: 10/13/22

Arizona woman gets 30 days in jail for collecting 4 ballots

A southwestern Arizona woman who pleaded guilty to collecting four early ballots in the 2020 primary was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in jail and two years’ probation, with the judge saying he did not think she had accepted responsibility for her crime.

Date: 10/19/22

In black eye for Katie Hobbs, Arizona mails thousands of incorrect ballots

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat now running for governor, is acknowledging that as many as 6,000 voters got a mail ballot with only federal races.

Date: 10/19/22

Arizona County Approves Hand Recounts Despite Legal Threats From Katie Hobbs, Fontes Supporters

GOP State Rep Joel John, who endorsed Democrat Adrian Fontes for Secretary of State, threatened to lodge a legal complaint with the state Attorney General. 


Date: 5/10/22

Jake Bequette accuses Arkansas officials of election fraud after name misspelled on ballots

A Republican U.S. Senate candidate running against incumbent Sen. John Boozman in the May primary is calling on Arkansas political leaders to investigate “unknown thousands” of ballots that misspelled his first name. 

Date: 5/25/22

Northern Arkansas county clerks report complications on election night

Several counties reported difficulties tallying ballots Tuesday evening once the polls closed. A series of delays and significant mishaps plagued the Baxter County Election Commission as candidates eagerly awaited to learn the unofficial results for their primary races. 


Date: 10/19/22

Back door access – the largest data breach in U.S. History

If Los Angeles county’s uploaded diagram is accurate, it demonstrates that Konnech’s PollChief software has a direct “data integration” and “data exchange” point with the county’s overall EMS software.

Date: 8/16/22

Southern California Woman Sentenced For Voter Fraud

The Madera County Registrar of Voters announced that last month, Elizabeth Gale, a resident of San Diego, pleaded guilty to committing voter fraud in the 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election.


Date: 10/14/22

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office accidentally mailed about 30,000 postcards to non-citizens

A clerical mistake by Colorado election officials weeks ahead of the November election has taken on a conspiratorial spin, researchers found via Twitter data.

Date: 7/13/22

3rd arrest made in alleged Colorado election security breach

The former elections manager for a Colorado clerk indicted on charges of tampering with voting equipment has been arrested on allegations that she was part of the scheme, an official said Wednesday.

Date: 8/25/22

Voting machine tampering in Pueblo County points to concern for fall election

An apparent attempt by a voter to tamper with a voting machine during the primary this summer is concerning for election officials and security experts.


Date: 4/8/22

Lamont signs absentee ballot extension bill into law

Gov. Ned Lamont signed a bill Friday that expands the use of absentee ballot voting in Connecticut. Effective immediately, House Bill 5262 redefines a “sickness” as an acceptable reason for absentee voting.


Date: 10/8/22

Judge blocks Delaware’s move to no-excuse vote by mail

A judge has struck down a new law that would have allowed no-excuse mail-in ballots in Delaware this November, but upheld the state legislature’s adoption of same-day voter registration.


Date: 10/19/22

New body cam footage sheds light on DeSantis ‘election integrity’ arrests

In a video compiled by the Tampa Bay Times, we are seeing how Governor DeSantis is dispatching police all over the state to hunt people down who were told by the state they could vote—and now are being arrested for it.

Date: 10/19/22

Governor DeSantis, Florida’s Secretary of State Cord Byrd and the Florida Department of State have made elections integrity a top priority.

In 2020, the Department received 262 Elections Fraud Complaint forms and over 75 to law enforcement or prosecuting authorities.

Date: 3/19/21

State Democrats call for special election after arrests in sham candidate case

Democrats are calling the integrity of the election for Senate District 37 into question after an arrest affidavit detailed a scheme to plant a no-party candidate in the race to sway the outcome.

Date: 10/26/22

Democrat blows whistle on alleged ballot harvesting scheme, Florida opens criminal probe

Former candidate for Orange County commissioner describes widespread vote trafficking operation in Orlando area, authorities see enough evidence to warrant criminal probe.


Date: 9/27/22

15 GA Facts that support need of a 2020 Audit

As evidence of 2020 election fraud, errors and irregularities continues to mount, many in the national “fake” news media have constantly been forced to revise their false dialogue.


Date: 4/19/22

BallotTrax service launched in Hawaii to keep voters informed

As evidence of 2020 election fraud, errors and irregularities continues to mount, many in the national “fake” news media have constantly been forced to revise their false dialogue.


Date: 6/24/22

New report shows rural voters rely on vote-by-mail, early voting, including 72% of rural Kentucky voters

As evidence of 2020 election fraud, errors and irregularities continues to mount, many in the national “fake” news media have constantly been forced to revise their false dialogue.


Date: 7/21/22

Former Louisiana Police Chief and City Councilmember Plead Guilty in Vote-Buying Conspiracy

A former police chief in Amite City and a current Amite City Councilmember pleaded guilty yesterday in New Orleans, Louisiana, to criminally violating federal election laws as part of a conspiracy to pay, or offer to pay, voters for voting in a federal election.


Date: 6/22/22

Gov. Baker signs bill ensuring mail-in ballots, early voting in Massachusetts

A voting rights bill designed to ensure that mail-in ballots and early voting become permanent fixtures in future Massachusetts elections was signed into law Wednesday by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker.


Date: 11/13/20

Democratic senators warned of potential ‘vote switching’ by Dominion voting machines prior to 2020 election

Four congressional Democrats sent a letter to the owners of Dominion Voting Systems and cited several problems that “threaten the integrity of our elections,” including “vote switching.”

Date: 9/12/22

Lawsuit Continues Against Benson Over Dead on Voter Rolls

Culling dead individuals from Michigan voter rolls is a pretty basic task for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. Now Judge Jane M. Beckering, an appointee of President Joe Biden, has rejected Benson’s demand to dismiss a lawsuit filed against her claiming she refused to remove almost 26,000 dead individuals from the state’s voter rolls.

Date: 10/21/22

Republicans Win Major Election Integrity Ruling Against Michigan Secretary of State

Republicans scored a legal victory this week after a judge ruled against Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson over state restrictions that were imposed on poll challengers ahead of the 2022 midterms, according to the Michigan Republican Party.

Date: 8/4/22

Poll Challenger Thrown Out Of Counting Center For Challenging Ballots and Internet Connection To Computer

On Tuesday night, a poll challenger who was credentialed by a top-notch election integrity group in Michigan was physically removed from the former TCF Center (now the Huntington Place) for asking too many (legitimate) questions about ballots and the processes that he claims were not being followed.

Date: 3/15/22

Ballot Drop Offs in Unmarked Vehicles

Unmarked vehicles are transporting ballots. No chain of custody

Date: 10/24/21

What REALLY Happened in Detroit’s 2020 Election?

What is known as the “illusory truth effect” is much in play in mainstream media. This is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure. To claim that there was fraud in the 2020 election is the so called “Big Lie”. 

Date: 9/28/22

Michigan lawmakers approve early absentee ballot processing

Michigan election officials would begin processing absentee ballots two days before the Nov. 8 election under legislation approved Wednesday in hopes of avoiding delays in counting, with absentee voting expected to remain a popular option.



Date: 6/16/21

New report exposes weakness in Minnesota election law

One of the many ways our nation remains divided is over the integrity of our elections. One side has serious doubts about who’s voting and, equally important, who’s counting the votes. The other side calls such doubts a “Big Lie” and spends a lot of time and energy trying to silence any claims of voter fraud. Never mind that successful voter fraud, by definition, goes undetected.


Date: 11/13/20

Democratic senators warned of potential ‘vote switching’ by Dominion voting machines prior to 2020 election

Four congressional Democrats sent a letter to the owners of Dominion Voting Systems and cited several problems that “threaten the integrity of our elections,” including “vote switching.”


Date: 11/13/20

Election Integrity Lawsuit Filed Against Missoula County Office

The Missoula County Election Integrity Project and John Lott, Ph.D. have filed a lawsuit in Missoula District Court against the Missoula County Elections Office and Bradley Seaman in his official capacity as Elections Administrator.


Date: 6/6/22

Tens of Thousands of New Jersey voter registrations are duplicated or missing critical information

Today, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) released a research brief detailing the tens of thousands of errors in New Jersey’s voter rolls. These errors must be fixed before the 2022 elections.


Date: 6/27/22

NY Supreme Court strikes down law allowing non-citizens to vote

The New York Supreme Court ruled Monday that a New York City law that allowed noncitizen residents to vote in municipal elections is illegal.


Date: 3/12/22

Tens of Thousands of Deceased and Duplicative Voter Registrations Found After 2020 Election

Time is quickly running out for North Carolina’s voter registration rolls to be checked and cleaned before the mid-term elections. All eyes are on an open U.S. Senate race amid the state’s recent record of strong turnout and tight margins.


Date: 5/17/22

Printing errors mar mailed ballots in Oregon, Pennsylvania

Printing mistakes will force local election officials in Pennsylvania and Oregon to redo thousands of mailed ballots, a laborious process that could delay results for some closely contested races in Tuesday’s primaries.


Date: 10/13/22


Earlier this week, the United States Supreme Court issued an order in the case of Migliori v. Lehigh County Board of Elections, which could impact future elections.

Date: 9/24/22

PA County Files Suit Against Dominion Voting Systems Alleging ‘Severe Anomalies’ In 2020

A Pennsylvania county has filed a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems in an action related to the highly contested 2020 election in the state.

Date: 4/6/22

Broad + Liberty investigative reporter Todd Shepherd testifies in Harrisburg on CTCL “Zuckbucks”

On April 5, 2022, investigative reporter Todd Shepherd testified in Harrisburg to the Pennsylvania State Government Affairs Committee. The following is a transcript of his testimony.

Date: 5/17/22

Printing errors mar mailed ballots in Oregon, Pennsylvania

Printing mistakes will force local election officials in Pennsylvania and Oregon to redo thousands of mailed ballots, a laborious process that could delay results for some closely contested races in Tuesday’s primaries.

Date: 9/27/22

Former U.S. Congressman and Philadelphia Political Operative Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Election Fraud

United States Attorney Jacqueline C. Romero announced today that former U.S. Congressman Michael “Ozzie” Myers, 79, of Philadelphia, PA, was sentenced to 30 months in prison, three years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $100,000 in fines, with $10,000 of that due immediately.

Date: 7/18/22

Quakertown woman gets county jail sentence for mail-in ballot fraud

A Quakertown woman will spend the next few months in county jail for committing voter fraud by signing her dead mother’s name on a mail-in ballot during the 2020 election.

Date: 7/18/22

Philly’s elections chief misled voters about delays in sending out mail ballots

Philadelphia’s top elections official and her office knowingly misled voters multiple times this month when they said adding special elections for City Council seats to the November ballot did not delay mail ballots being sent to voters.

Date: 10/26/22


Hundreds of thousands of ballots have been sent to unverified Pennsylvania voters ahead of the 2022 general election, according to a new report.


Date: 2/21/22

Private Money Seeks to Fund South Carolina Elections Via Non-Profits: Study

Non-profit organizations gave hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize the conducting of state and local elections across America in 2020, but their efforts were not confined to hotly contested swing states, a new study has found.


Date: 10/4/22

Bombshell Dominion ‘Error Code’ Uncovered in 97% of Georgia Counties

Open records requests reveal 64 of 66 Georgia counties have the same unsolved ‘Tennessee Error’ that caused seven scanners to miscount hundreds of ballots in Williamson County.


Date: 3/8/22

Texas county elections chief resigns over botched primary

Harris County, Texas, Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria (D) resigned on Tuesday after multiple mishaps marred this month’s primary elections.


Date: 3/8/22

Ron Johnson campaign creates portal for ‘election integrity’ complaints

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is asking voters to report instances which “they feel might be inconsistent with state laws” during next month’s election, the Johnson campaign announced in a news release Wednesday.

Date: 7/11/22

Dissent In WI Ballot Drop Box Victory Highlights Much Bigger Issue: Our Top Jurists Don’t Care About Election Integrity

Many of the top jurists in our country care no more about election integrity than the Democrat politicians trying to sell the myth that the 2020 election was spectacularly safe and error-free. The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday held…

Date: 11/2/22

RNC Wins Election Integrity Lawsuit in Wisconsin

The RNC announced on Wednesday that, in fewer than 24 hours, it had prevailed in its lawsuit against election officials in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A court in Brown County, Wisconsin, granted the temporary injunction the Republicans’ lawsuit requested to have a city clerk stop interfering with the public’s right under WI law to observe election processes during in-person absentee voting.

Date: 11/4/22

Tim Michels light on details about agency he wants to replace Wisconsin Elections Commission

Speaking at a campaign event Thursday in Middleton, Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels repeated what has become a standard part of his stump speech.


Date: 10/14/22

Most Americans Support Early Voting (A Democratic Priority) And Photo ID Laws (A Republican One), Survey Finds

Nearly eight in 10 Americans favor early voting laws intended to expand voting access while just as many support photo identification requirements aimed at tightening voting regulations, according to a Gallup survey released Friday.

Date: 8/3/22

Vote-by-mail is the worst way to run an election

2020 was the first time an election was conducted by mass vote-by-mail. It was a train wreck. According to federal data, election officials do not know what happened to nearly 15 million mail ballots in 2020. Some of these ballots were blowing in the winds on Nevada roads, and some were in stacks on apartment lobby floors.

Date: 12/21/20

Simple tests for the extent of vote fraud with absentee and provisional ballots in the 2020 US presidential election

This study reports three tests measuring vote fraud in the 2020 US presidential election, although they provide inconsistent evidence. To isolate the impact of a county’s vote-counting process and potential fraud on candidates’ vote margins, I first compare voting precincts in a county with alleged fraud…

Date: 10/6/22

Election Integrity: AFL SUES 14 Federal Agencies for Refusing to Disclose the Biden Administration’s “Strategic Plans” for Election Meddling

Today, America First Legal (AFL) sued fourteen federal agencies for actively concealing their “Strategic Plans” for advancing the Biden Administration’s unprecedented program of planned interference in the 2022 midterm elections.

Date: 8/2/22

Census Bureau Errors Distort Congressional Representation for the States

The 2020 Post-Enumeration Survey (PES) revealed significant errors in the 2020 Census count. As a result, certain states will be shorted in their congressional representation until after the 2030 Census, while other states will get more representation than they are entitled to.

Date: 8/2/22

About The Election Fraud Database

The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database presents a sampling of recent proven instances of election fraud from across the country. Each and every one of the cases in this database represents an instance in which a public official, usually a prosecutor, thought the fraud serious enough to act upon it.

Date: 8/2/22

Election Integrity Scorecard

Every citizen’s vote is sacred. The vote is how we guarantee that our government remains of the people, by the people, and for the people. Americans need and deserve elections that they can trust.

Date: 8/2/22

ERIC At Work

ERIC improves voter registration by providing information for member states to contact potentially eligible but unregistered voters with instructions on how to register. ERIC members contact potential voters at least every two years, ahead of any federal general election.

Date: 10/24/22

RNC files over 70 lawsuits to challenge states on election rules

The Republican National Committee has filed more than 70 lawsuits over election integrity this cycle, taking a more aggressive legal posture than in previous elections.

Date: 10/21/22

Mailed-out ballots tracking for 60 million nationally in the November midterms

Today the National Vote at Home Institute (NVAHI) updated the data from its Mailed-Out Ballot Estimation Tracker MOBET) from its initial launch on October 13. The tool was launched to help journalists, legislators, elections officials and the…

Date: 9/27/22

Voting explainer: In many states, there’s a process to fix an error with your ballot

Many Americans are unfamiliar with how elections are run. And in recent years, purveyors of false claims have taken advantage of that lack of knowledge to sow doubts about certain aspects of the voting process.

Date: 7/28/22

New USPS election division will oversee mail-in ballots

The United States Postal Service is creating a division to handle election mail issues as part of an effort to ensure swift and secure delivery of ballots for the 2022 midterm election, officials said Wednesday.

Date: 9/30/22

Don’t delay — update the Electoral Count Act now

Since our very first democratic election in 1788, generations of Americans have come together to make our democracy freer, stronger, and more inclusive. In doing so, they have shown that a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is not only possible but is, in fact, the engine of freedom…

Date: 10/26/22

Justice Department Releases Information on Efforts to Protect the Right to Vote, Prosecute Election Fraud and Secure Elections

Consistent with longstanding Justice Department practices and procedures, the department today provided information about its efforts, through the Civil Rights Division, Criminal Division, and National Security Division, to ensure…

Date: 7/11/22

Cybersecurity experts weigh in on election threats this November

The U.S. Department of State recently announced a reward of up to $10 million for information on foreign interference in elections. Cybersecurity experts are helping prepare election officials across the country as midterm elections draw nearer.

Date: 10/25/22

Locked Out 2022: Estimates of People Denied Voting Rights

The U.S. Department of State recently announced a reward of up to $10 million for information on foreign interference in elections. Cybersecurity experts are helping prepare election officials across the country as midterm elections draw nearer.

Date: 3/1/22

Voting Machines at Risk in 2022

A joint analysis from the Brennan Center and Verified Voting finds that replacing aging voting equipment will cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Date: 11/1/22

Turnout in U.S. has soared in recent elections but by some measures still trails that of many other countries

Voter turnout in the 2020 U.S. general election soared to levels not seen in decades, fueled by the bitter campaign between Joe Biden and Donald Trump and facilitated by pandemic-related changes to state election rules.

Date: 10/24/22

Konnech CEO Eugene Yu worked for the Chinese Communist Party

The U.S. election software CEO managed the Guangzhou Development Zone, and his Chinese subsidiary developed electronic voting systems for China’s National People’s Congress for nearly two decades.

Date: 10/26/22

Hillary Clinton Called ‘Election Denier’ After Issuing 2024 Warning

Hillary Clinton is being accused of being an “election denier” over her warning this week that “right-wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election.”